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Lucy is available to cover all types of events- to include weddings, parties, school proms, birthdays and also funerals.


Lucy can be booked, to either play a piano at the venue, or alternatively bring her portable piano and PA system.

Prices will vary a dependent upon whether Lucy will be using the piano at the venue, or whether she is required to bring her own keyboard.


Prices generally range from £150 for a 2 hour block of playing - if the venue has a piano that Lucy can use.


Lucy frequently plays the piano in various local churches and wedding venues across the North East for the drinks/wedding reception.




Lucy is able to perform through the following three stages of your wedding. Each part can be booked separately (or in combination). Prices will vary dependent on how long you want Lucy to perform.

The ceremony

Live music can provide a beautiful and romantic background to your wedding ceremony. From the moment your guests are seated through to your exit. Lucy’s piano playing will set the scene and create the perfect ambience.

  • The arrival of guests 3-6 pieces of music

  • The entrance 1 piece of music

  • The signing of the register 2-3 pieces of music

  • The exit of the bride and groom 1 piece of music


The Drinks Reception

This is the period of time immediately following your ceremony when you and your guests can unwind, often with drinks and canapés. Typically, 15-20 songs can be covered during the Reception


The Wedding Breakfast

The piano is the ideal choice of instrument to have during your Wedding Breakfast as it can be heard nicely, yet not overpower the meal. Usually, 15 songs can be played during the Wedding Breakfast

Weddings & Functions

Part of Your World (Piano Only)Lucy Adams
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When You Wish Upon A Star-Disney Piano Version  ⭐️
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Disney Wedding Theme

When planning a wedding, choosing a theme can often be one of the earliest, yet most difficult choices. Many couples these days are choosing to add magic and wonder through subtle nods to that most enchanting theme – Disney.


What better way to set the scene for your fairytale day than by including a selection of iconic Disney love songs…

Timeless, elegant and memorable, the best Disney weddings have details which simply gesture towards the classical films, rather than attempt to recreate the fairy tales themselves.


Those classic songs from Disney’s renaissance in the early 90s and beyond will add a spark of nostalgic excitement amongst your guests, while they indulge in the magic from your very own love story.

Lucy is a huge fan of Disney, herself, so when she gets the chance to play Disney songs as a wedding pianist, she lights up the room. Lucy has had the privilege of playing at several Disney inspired weddings.

“Lucy made our wedding. We loved her range of music from Ed Sheeran through to Disney. The music added to our day and was commented upon by our guests.”
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